Trago Mills boss is “out-of-touch and fundamentally wrong”


In a scathing letter, Plaid Cymru’s Siân Gwenllian has highlighted the unfounded and prejudiced attacks on the Welsh language by the CEO of discount retailer Trago Mills.

The former UKIP donor, Bruce Robertson, had written to the Welsh Language Commissioner disparaging the Welsh language, claiming it was ‘visual clutter’ in his shops.

In her response, Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for the Welsh Language, Local Government and Equality, highlighted a recent survey which found that 86% of Welsh people supported the Welsh language.

Ms Gwenllian also noted that Mr Robertson’s “misgivings” about the Welsh language were unfounded, highlighting the huge body of research behind the benefits of bilingualism.

Commenting on the letter, Ms Gwenllian said:

“The Welsh language belongs to everyone that decides to make Wales their home. I hope Mr Robertson will revise his views after gaining a better grasp of the facts.

“His comments are out-of-touch and fundamentally wrong. The vast majority of the people of Wales are proud of our language and its educational and economic benefits are well-established.

“I am sure Mr Robertson would not like to show such contempt for the ‘will of the people’ by disparaging Welsh in the way that he has.

“The ill-informed nature of his letter is indicative of other comments made by the remnants of the anti-Welsh language brigade. They choose to ignore fact and reason, preferring to peddle their unfounded prejudices instead.

“The vast majority of the people of Wales fundamentally disagree with Mr Robertson’s cheap and flimsy arguments.”

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