Residents urged to take advantage of free parking and shop local

The  Member of the Senedd for Arfon has said residents should take advantage of Cyngor Gwynedd’s free Christmas parking offer to support local businesses.


It was announced recently that as part of efforts to support local businesses during the festive period, Cyngor Gwynedd will be providing free parking in its car parks every day from 11am between 9 and 26 December.


Siân Gwenllian has urged residents to make use of the offer to boost the local economy and spend their money in independent shop this winter.


“I’m very glad to see Councillor Dafydd Meurig, Cyngor Gwynedd Cabinet Member for the Environment appreciate the importance of this time of year to the retail sector, and to see Cyngor Gwynedd giving tangible support to local businesses.


“As Gwynedd’s former Small Business Champion, I am all too aware of the economic, environmental, and community advantages of buying local.


“The dramatic increase in online shopping means that High Streets dominated solely by commercial chains are a thing of the past.


“But that doesn’t have to be bad news.


“Independent businesses inject a dose of personality and individualism into our high streets. They contribute to, and reflect the character of an area.


“And that’s without taking to account the economic benefits. Spending our money in a local independent businesses has a cascading effect on the local economy.


“Local business owners reinvest profits in the local supply chain. They employ locals, and are more likely to pay a higher average wage than commercial chains. They sponsor local organisations and charities as well.


“And hopefully Cyngor Gwynedd’s free parking will offer an additional financial incentive to shop local.”


Cyngor Gwynedd are referring residents to an online directory promoting local businesses offering “the personal over the pre-packaged and the hand-made over the mass-produced.” The site can be found here.


Siân Gwenllian added:


“Challenges posed by the rise in out-of-town shopping parks, Covid, and the cost-of-living crisis means that the past few years have been particularly bleak for our high streets.


“But the story of £20 million plans to develop a new Health and Wellbeing Centre on Bangor High Street offers a good news story about we can reimagine the future of our high streets.”

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