Prospective medical students urged to “be part of history!”

Budding medicine students have been urged to “be part of history” and be amongst the first cohort to apply to study at Bangor.


Siân Gwenllian MS, who has made the campaign for a Bangor Medical School a defining factor of her time as Member of the Senedd for Arfon has urged students to apply, as the deadlines loom.


At present the Bangor Medical School hosts 77 Cardiff University medical students, a combination of Welsh graduate entrants and medical students transferring to Bangor after completing Year 1 studies at Cardiff. In September 2024 the school is set to welcome 60 students directly from A-level programmes.


And this week, Siân Gwenllian as urged those future students to get their applications in before the October deadline:


“Recently, I had the privilege of visiting the school to learn about proposed plans for the new, independent North Wales Medical School programme.


“It is expected that by 2033, a total of 670 students will be studying at the school, which will be a turning point for the city and for local health services.


“And I hope that local colleges and sixth forms will take this opportunity to encourage their students to explore the field of medicine, and to consider doing so in Bangor.


“The opportunities which arise from a Medical School in Bangor are numerous and offer a very positive future for healthcare in north Wales. Notably, their placements will take place in local hospitals and medical centres, which is a sign of worthwhile investment in our communities.


“Additionally, a Medical School based in Gwynedd will afford students the opportunity to explore the unique challenges faced by healthcare professionals in a rural setting, and the school can also be an epicentre for the development of healthcare through the medium of Welsh.


“After years of campaigning, it is immensely gratifying to witness the fruits of our labour, with significant strides being taken to retain Welsh doctors within Wales.


“I strongly urge our future doctors to be part of history and apply for a place to study at our brand-new Medical School.”


Prospective medicine students will know that applications to study medicine must be made just under a year in advance. The deadline for applying to medicine courses to begin studies in September 2024 is 15 October 2023.


Siân Gwenllian added:


“I wish all applicants good luck, and I look forward to welcoming many from our local area as well as from all parts of Wales to study medicine at Bangor.”

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