Siân Gwenllian AM helps Arfon to get gas and electric under control with smart meters

The national rollout of smart meters is digitising the way we buy and use gas and electricity.

After learning more about the benefits of smart meters at the Senedd with Smart Energy GB, the voice of the smart meter rollout, Siân Gwenllian AM is urging her constituents to find out about the benefits of smart meters.

With more than 4 million smart meters already installed across Great Britain, Siân Gwenllian AM is looking forward to seeing this new technology in more and more homes across Arfon. Those who have upgraded are already feeling the benefits.

Nearly eight in ten (79 per cent) of the people who already have smart meters would recommend them to others, and a similar proportion (80 per cent) are taking steps to reduce their energy use (August 2016 Smart Energy Outlook).

Smart meters will bring everyone in Arfon and the rest of Great Britain accurate bills at no additional cost. They show exactly how much gas and electricity is used in pounds and pence and in near real time. With this information consumers will know exactly how much the next bill will be, and can make informed choices about their energy use. Finally, the out-dated system of manual meter readings and estimation will come to and end, and the inconvenient prepayment system will be completely revolutionised for the 3,533 constituents currently using these meters.

After hearing more about the technology from Smart Energy GB, Siân Gwenllian AM said:

“Smart meters will give us all much more control of what we spend on gas and electricity, and finally put an end to estimated bills.

I was delighted to see first-hand how smart meters will benefit my constituents. I encourage everyone to visit Smart Energy GB’s website or visit their local Post Office branch to pick up a leaflet to find out more about smart meters.”

By 2020 every home in Great Britain will be offered a smart meter at no additional cost. To find out more, contact your energy supplier, pick up a leaflet from your local Post Office branch or visit

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