MS warns First Minister of pressure on local service following tourism population surge

The Member of the Senedd for Arfon has quizzed the FM about Government plans to deal with the situation

In a letter to the First Minister this week, the MS for Arfon has expressed concerns about the local health service’s ability to deal with extra pressure from tourists.


The Member of the Senedd was reacting to a Vaccination Update issued by the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board that stated “we expect the number of visitors to the region to be far in excess of that seen in previous years.”


In her letter, Siân Gwenllian said she was “very concerned” with the wording.


“I am very concerned to read this in the document.


“This is already putting significant additional pressure on our services and is very likely to lead to an increase in cases of the Delta variant.


“I wish to know urgently what exactly the Welsh Government has planned to deal with this situation. Is there an Emergency Plan in place that brings together all the relevant partners?


“What additional support is available to GPs, Hospitals, Public Services of all kinds, the Police and the many other agencies that will have to cope with these unprecedented pressures?


“And what additional support (financial and in terms of workforce) will be available to them over the summer/autumn?


“My constituents need reassurance that everything is being done to protect them from the adverse effects of the massive population surge happening in our communities.”

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