MS visits refurbished clubhouse

Bethesda Rugby Club was refurbished in 2019

Siân Gwenllian MS and local councillor Rheinallt Puw visited the rugby club recently.


The refurbishment project was mainly funded by selling the old clubhouse to Grŵp Cynefin to be turned into housing for local people, as well as grants provided mainly by the Big Lottery, the Welsh Government’s regional fund, the Welsh Rugby Union and Gwynedd Council.


The clubhouse was recently visited by Siân Gwenllian MS, the area’s Member of the Senedd and Cllr. Rheinallt Puw, who represents the Ogwen ward on Gwynedd Council.


The local MS reacted;


“The refurbishment project provides essential space and facilities for the community, business and local sports.


“The grants have meant that essential renovation has been made, which has provided increased space and storage.


“It was great to visit, and see for myself the fantastic facilities, fit for the 21st century.”


The Gwynedd councillor for Bethesda Rheinallt Puw added;


“Bethesda’s new clubhouse opened in March 2019, and it has been, and will undoubtedly be a valuable community resource for Dyffryn Ogwen post-Covid.


“I’m glad that the work has meant the clubhouse is multi-functional, and a real asset for the whole of Bethesda.”

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