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"The only two [Medical Schools] in Wales are south Wales, leaving a huge part of the country without full medical training"


"I experience a bit of prejudice when students are offered placements to Bangor…but everyone I have spoken to on their return from Bangor have nothing but positive things to say"


"I have just been on a placement at Ysbyty Gwynedd spending time in the Neurology Department as well as Psychology and Oncology, and I had a fantastic experience."


"We must have a Bangor Medical School if we are serious about improving the health of people in north Wales."


"I very much hope there will be a Medical School in Bangor..."







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  • Eleri Jones
    commented 2020-04-18 16:23:28 +0100
    Bob dydd dwi’n clywed sŵn awyrennau o’r Fali yn hyfforddi. Trist iawn bod na ddigon o arian ar gyfer pethau felly ond mae rhaid ymgyrchu am rhywbeth mor hanfodol âi hyfforddiant feddygol ym Mangor.

    Every day I hear the sound of jets from Valley. So very sad that their seems to be plenty of money for training pilots for battle but we have to fight for a training school for doctors in Bangor.

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