Long-standing Plaid Cymru call for medical school for north Wales ‘a step closer’

Plaid Cymru MS for Arfon Sian Gwenllian celebrates announcement on medical student training programme 

Responding to the news that more medical students will spend all of their training in north Wales as part of moves towards establishing a medical school there, Plaid Cymru MS for Arfon Sian Gwenllian said, 


“Plaid Cymru and I have long argued that training doctors in Bangor is an essential part of the effort to provide first class health and care services for the people I represent and for all north Wales residents. 


“That Welsh Government will now - at last - deliver a full and independent medical school for north Wales, based at Bangor.  That, along with more medical students training in north Wales, is to be celebrated and welcomed and will be an important milestone in the process of fulfilling our long held ambition of a fully-fledged medical school in north Wales. 


“It’s imperative that the new Programme Board works swiftly and effectively so that we can see real progress over the coming months and years. I look forward to working with the Board, the Health Minister, with Cardiff and Bangor University and other partners as we move forward to establish the medical school on strong foundations, drawing on experiences from other places and exploring innovative ways of working, especially from the perspective of training doctors in a rural environment. 


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