Local MS 'disappointed' with Penygroes factory owners.

Siân Gwenllian, Member of the Senedd for the Arfon constituency, has expressed her disappointment with Northwood regarding their decision to close their factory in Penygroes, despite an offer of financial support from the Welsh Government following local negotiations.
At a meeting of the Senedd yesterday Siân Gwenllian thanked the Government for the offer of financial support, and for supporting the alternative offer put forward by the workforce at Penygroes, but said "unfortunately the company has rejected that offer for commercial reasons, and they are going ahead with their plans to lay off the 94 workers, which is a huge blow locally. ”
The Plaid Cymru MS for Arfon, which includes the Penygroes area, added that the effort to find alternative uses for the factory would have to be continued. Those discussions include finding a new buyer for the site.
Siân Gwenllian noted that "94 jobs in the Nantlle Vale equates to thousands of jobs in a more populated area of Wales", and "deserves the same effort and attention" from the Welsh Government.

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