Cross-party calls on Government to redress cavity insulation scandal

Victims of botched scheme met with hostility and indifference claims campaigning MP.

A Parliamentary Motion calling on the Government to properly compensate victims of botched cavity wall insulation has been tabled by Plaid Cymru Westminster leader and MP for Arfon Hywel Williams.

The Motion, which has secured the backing of a number of MPs including Labour, SNP, SDLP and the DUP calls on the Government to set about rectifying failed insulations and provide proper compensation to victims. It points to serious failings in the guarantee scheme managed by CIGA, not least its frequently hostile attitude to claimants.

The Plaid Cymru MP who’s led the campaign for justice for victims in support of the Cavity Insulation Victims Alliance (CIVALLI) has warned that the Government’s reluctance to actively identify potential victims means thousands of cases might be going unreported.

Hywel Williams MP said,
“Many of my constituents had cavity wall insulation installed, believing it was suitable for their homes & for the weather conditions locally.”

“The consumer redress process has so far been unsatisfactory with vulnerable people left in damp & damaged homes.”

“The industry guarantee scheme has failed many victims and has serious failings including a hostile attitude to claimants.”

“There is an opportunity for this government to put things right & take action to protect consumers from further malpractice.”

“I’m encouraged by the level of cross-party support for this Motion and will now be seeking a further Parliamentary debate on the issue.”

Pauline Saunders, founder of the Cavity Insulation Victims Alliance added,

“This campaign continues to highlight the injustice of botched cavity insulation.”

“This motion allows many, many more victims to understand that they are not responsible for their damp, unhealthily and expensive to heat homes, but have fallen victims to poor quality insulation systems.”

“Often vulnerable households that were promised healthier, warmer homes that would cost less to heat, often as part of a Government strategy to take them out of fuel poverty, has resulted in pushing them deeper into it.”

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