Gwynedd fostering campaign backed by local MPs and MS

A campaign encouraging more people to take up fostering in Gwynedd has been backed by local Plaid Cymru MPs Hywel Williams and Liz Saville Roberts and MS Sian Gwenllian.


This week marks a drive by Gwynedd Council to promote the vital contribution of foster carers in our community. 
Hywel Williams MP, Liz Saville Roberts MP and Sian Gwenllian MS are urging those considering fostering to get in touch with Gwynedd Council's fostering team. 
Hywel Williams MP and Liz Saville Roberts MP and Sian Gwenllian MS said,
'We are pleased to support Gwynedd Council in raising awareness of the importance of fostering, especially at this very difficult time.'    
'Foster carers play such a vital role in our society and we are extremely grateful to all the foster families across Arfon and Dwyfor Meirionnydd for the invaluable care they provide.'
'We know Gwynedd Council works hard to support foster carers in the county, but we still need more people who think they might have the right skills and experience to consider whether they could become foster carers.'
'A childhood is too short a time to waste and foster carers can help those who haven't had the best start begin to enjoy their life and grow into the adults that they want to be.'
'Foster families give children and young people a stable, loving home - giving them an environment in which they can not only feel secure, but excel.'
'We would therefore urge anyone who thinks they could provide a loving home to children who need one to find out more by contacting Gwynedd Council’s Fostering Team.'

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