Arfon AM supports go green activities


Schools throughout Wales and beyond recently hosted a 'green day' to show their support for the world's rainforests. Green Day is an annual day of green activity organized by the climate change charity, Size of Wales.

To show her support for this important issue, Siân Gwenllian AM for Arfon, visited Ysgol Llanrug to join in their activities and to hear from the pupils why the occasion was so important.

"It was great to go to Llanrug to meet the children," said Sian Gwenllian, "the School Council had been busy creating stalls of all kinds to promote the cause, and running a ‘name the monkey’ competitions and baking cakes.

"Everyone in every class wore green to come to school and Guto Dafydd who works for the Size of Wales charity, held workshops about the importance of rainforests. £475 was raised towards the cause - a great effort by Ysgol Llanrug. "

Across Wales, schools, offices and community groups took part in Go Green activities, helping to spread awareness of climate change and fundraising for the Size of Wales forestry projects across Africa and South America.

Each pound raised was being sent to the projects that cover an area of ​​tropical forest twice the size of Wales, but not before the amount was doubled by their corresponding fund.

Forests are key to saving the world from the effects of climate change by absorbing the carbon dioxide that we emit. Despite this, up to 12 million hectares of tropical forests are destroyed each year! As much as 25% of global carbon emissions are caused by the destruction of tropical forests; this this is greater than the carbon emitted by all the worlds transport combined.
In previous years, fundraising efforts saw people stopping their cars and cycling to work or school, selling baked food, holding a wholly green picnic or wearing green from head to toe for the day.

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