Closing International Development Department shows Tories isolationist tendencies.

We must never confuse our humanitarian obligations with national self-interest, Hywel Williams. 

Plaid Cymru’s Hywel Williams MP has raised concerns that the UK Government has decided to close the Department for International Development saying that humanitarian obligations must not be confused with national self-interest.
Boris Johnson confirmed in a statement to the House of Commons that following the closure of the Department for International Development, a new department, which merged the responsibilities of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and International Development, would be created.
The Arfon MP said that closing internationally-focussed departments whilst talking of “Global Britain” is “double-speak” and showed the Conservative’s “isolationist tendencies.”
Hywel Williams MP said:
“I am deeply disheartened by today’s decision which is a disservice to much of the fantastic work of the Department for International Development. Talking about ‘Global Britain’ whilst closing the department focussed on international development is nothing short of double-speak from the Prime Minister.
“It isn’t even clear that the full budget for international development will be retained and ringfenced. Today’s announcement serves only to reinforce the deeply troubling isolationist tendencies of this UK Government.
“In a time of growing authoritarianism and geopolitical tension, the UK has surrendered any ambition to lead by example. It has forgotten that the true strength of the UK internationally is not measured by its nuclear warheads but how it helps make our world better, safer and more just.
“We must not confuse our humanitarian obligations with national self-interest.”

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