Plaid Cymru’s National Objectives for Wales are:

1. Make Wales the most attractive place in the UK to do business and build a global reputation as a centre for research and innovation

2. Our young people will be successful learners, highly skilled and responsible citizens.

3. Wales’ economy will be more balanced and diverse and our public finances will be stronger.

4. People in Wales will live longer, healthier lives supported by an ever-improving, more responsive NHS.

5. Older people will maintain their independence and dignity as they get older and will receive support when they need it.

6. Communities in every part of Wales will be sustainable, well-connected and individuals will have access to key amenities and services in their area.

7. Our agricultural sector will be renewed for the new economy, for our communities and our national character.

8. Our natural environment will be protected and secured for future generations.

9. More people will be able to use and speak the Welsh language

10. Wales’ national identity will be renewed and strengthened as an inclusive, progressive bond for the common good.






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