Work to be carried out on “vital” road amid local concerns

The work will be carried out on the road in Deiniolen after concerns were raised locally


Work is to be carried out on Allt Sam in Deinolen after concerns were raised about the condition of the road, which is a “vital” road for local residents and public transport links.


Damage caused by water from a near-by private site seems to be affecting the condition of the road, which has caused problems for buses and cars using the route.


The road was visited recently by Siân Gwenllian, Member of the Senedd for Arfon, accompanied by Cllr. Catrin Elen Wager, Cabinet Member for Highways and Elfed Williams, the local councillor for Deiniolen.


Siân Gwenllian MS said;


“The condition of the road is a cause of great concern for local residents, and I’m glad to see that the Council is taking appropriate action.


“The water overflow has damaged the road, causing problems for local residents as well as causing problems to local bus companies and local contractors.


“I look forward to visit the site again once the work has been completed, and I would like to reassure residents that I, along with the local councillor will be keeping a close eye on the progress of the work.”


Cllr. Elfed Williams, who represents the Deiniolen ward on Gwynedd Council reacted;


“The condition of the main road at Allt Sam is a cause of concern to local residents.


“It is a road that is used frequently, and I look forward to seeing work being completed to a high standard.”


Cyngor Gwynedd Cabinet Member for Highways Cllr. Catrin Elen Wager also visited Allt Sam last week;


“I have received confirmation that the road will be repaired, and I’m very glad that the Council department is listening to local concerns, and is acting upon those concerns.


“I will be monitoring the situation, and will ensure that we get to the root of the problem once the work has been completed on the nearby site that has caused the problems.”



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