We must all stand up to the racism amongst us. MP and MS condemn vile act.

Joint statement from Plaid Cymru MP for Arfon Hywel Williams and Member of the Senedd Sian Gwenllian on the smearing of racist graffiti in Penygroes.

Hywel Williams MP said,
 'I stand in solidarity with the family and echo the overwhelming condemnation from within the local community.'  
'I know the people of Penygroes and Arfon are disgusted by this foul act. But it will only strengthen our resolve to stand together against the evil stupidity of racism.'
'Our office was targeted with racist graffiti last year. It was disturbing and unpleasant. But this is so much worse, being personally directed at someone's home.' 
'We have a strong community here in Arfon, enriched by diversity and our tradition of standing together in the face of adversity.' 
'Whoever did this will learn pretty quick that a tolerant society is far stronger than the divided mayhem they crave.'
Sian Gwenllian MS said,
'This was an abhorrent act of racial hatred. It defies belief that someone would purposefully and wilfully carry out this racist act.'
'Why on earth would one human being think they have a right to openly demean another human being just because the colour of their skin is black?'
'I cannot answer that question. I cannot fathom than act. I can only condemn it from the bottom of my heart as many others have done.'
'The sad truth that this act highlights is that racism is everywhere. It’s in our communities. It’s amongst our people.'
'Racism is not confined to Minneapolis and the police in the USA. It’s not confined to the far-right factions that gathered in Parliament Square in London last weekend.'
'Unfortunately it is here in our midst in Arfon and we must do all we possibly can to stop it in its tracks.'
'We all need to be part of the massive endeavour that is now needed so that no other family faces what the Ogunbanwo family has to endure right now.'


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