Time to be serious about tackling gender inequality


Plaid calls for national survey to understand women’s experiences of discrimination and harassment

Sian Gwenllian AM, Plaid Cymru spokesperson for equality, has called for Wales to join the conversation about gender inequality and harassment that has been started by recent scandals.

Ahead of International Women’s Day 2018 on Thursday, Sian Gwenllian called for a National Survey to better understand women’s experiences of gender discrimination and harassment.

Sian Gwenllian AM, Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Equality, said:

“This International Women’s Day has a particularly significance in the wake of recent scandals and the subsequent #MeToo campaign. A new conversation has been started and young women and men are challenging behaviour that has been accepted for too long. Gender politics have changed forever.

“Wales should be leading the way in driving forward the change that has been accelerated by #MeToo. Plaid Cymru would establish a Welsh Ministry for Women to deliver a Women’s Action Plan to create the change we need to end inequality and harassment.

“We cannot shy away from the difficult and sometimes painful discussions that have been happening. If we are to effectively challenge a culture that has enabled inappropriate behaviour on both an individual and societal level, we need to better understand women’s experiences. Wales should run a National Survey to learn more about women’s experiences and to provoke a national conversation.

“This International Women’s Day, we should commit to create a Wales where sexual harassment and domestic abuse is outlawed, where workplace and pay inequalities are not tolerated, and where women and men can follow their ambitions and dreams, free from the constraints of the gender straightjackets imposed on us for far too long.”

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