Thomasine Tomkins backs Siân for MS

Thomasine Tomkins backs Siân Gwenllian for MS


Thomasine Tomkins, Founding Director of CircoArts at Llanberis has endrosed Siân Gwenllian's re-election campaign.


Thomasine is also the founding director Y Festri, where Siân cut the ribbon at the grand opening in 2016.


Declaring her support for Siân Gwenllian in the Senedd election, Thomasine said;


"I have been so grateful for Siân's support over the years as she understands the importance of the arts. "Her heart lies with people, their health and their homes.


"She has encouraged me to grow community arts and circus in Llanberis as she fully understands the positive impact it makes in society, from bringing people together to make, enjoy and celebrate, to nurturing or learning new skills, and tackling mental health and wellbeing.


"As art is being taught for less hours in schools, Siân sees there is a wider impact on young people wanting to work in the creative sector, and all the other careers that need creative skills, so encourages advocates like myself to keep making a difference with young people in their communities."


The Senedd election is held on the 6th of May.

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