Hywel Williams MP leads campaign against

unfair energy prices in north Wales.



Hywel Williams MP has received a reply to a written question to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change asking:

"What estimate he has made of regional differences in the cost of electricity to domestic consumers."

You can see the reply in the graph below.

Wales produces more electricity than we use, we export energy and yet we pay more than every other part of Great Britain except the north of Scotland (and there's not much difference there!)


 Plaid Cymru has made repeated calls for a not for profit energy company, similar to the Glas Cymru model that owns Dwr Cymru.  This would ensure a fair price for customers throughout Wales. You can find out more on the policy here.

Sign the petition here. 

For more information about Plaid Cymru's energy policy please contact [email protected]


 The full reply





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