Plaid Cymru MS Sian Gwenllian tells Welsh Government careful considerations need to be made when planning school re-openings.

Plaid Cymru MS and Shadow Education Minister Sian Gwenllian has called on the Welsh Government to take every step to ensure the safety of Welsh pupils and teachers when planning for the reopening of Welsh schools. 

England has already announced the partial reopening of schools. Wales’ Education Minister Kirsty Williams is expected to make an announcement later on this week on the plans for Wales. 

Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for Education, Sian Gwenllian MS said when planning for the re-opening schools, the health and safety of the pupils and staff should be the “top priority”.

Ms Gwenllian said the educational and well-being needs of pupils should also be prioritised when deciding which groups of pupils should return rather than simply focusing on getting parents back to work as is the case in England.

As the lock-down continues in Wales and for the months ahead, remote learning will continue to be a vital part of the education system. The Shadow Education Minister said “clear guidance and support” should be given to schools regarding “expectations around engagement levels” with pupils.   

Ms Gwenllian said no child should be left behind.  


Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for Education, Sian Gwenllian MS said, 

“In order to avoid an increase in community transmissions, planning around reopening schools needs to be done with the upmost care and precision with the health and safety of pupils and staff as the top priority. 

“The plans now being drawn up in Wales to ease lock-down restrictions should also prioritise the educational and well-being needs of pupils, rather than prioritising getting parents back in work as England have done. 

“As remote learning continues being of vital importance during the next period, clear guidance and support needs to be given to schools regarding expectations around engagement levels with pupils. 

“Every school should maintain regular contact with every child. No child should be left behind."


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