Plaid Arfon promotes local artists


Since re-opening their Bangor office following fire damage, Siân Gwenllian AM and Hywel Williams MP have included an exhibition area in their newly-refurbished office in order to promote the work of local art students.

In a coffee morning held this Saturday the exhibition space will be officially opened, and will include work by Bangor University Fine Art course students.

Said Siân Gwenllian,

"I was keen to promote local artistic talent as it can be very difficult for students to find exhibition opportunities.

We begin with work by the University Fine Art course students, and intend to go on to showcase work by the Llandrillo Menai College, and pupils from all the local secondary schools. The paintings have brought colour and life to our office!"

The coffee morning and exhibition is open to all, and will commence at 10am at the Plaid Cymru Bangor office on Saturday morning.

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