People not willing to 'move on' from Cummings scandal says MP.

Plaid Cymru Member of Parliament for Arfon Hywel Williams says the anger towards Dominic Cummings and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not subsiding, despite repeated attempts by the government to bury the story.
Mr Williams says his inbox continues to be inundated with emails from constituents, furious at the behaviour of both Mr Cummings and the Prime Minister for irresponsibly defending his special advisor.  
The Plaid Cymru MP says the majority of the emails are from constituents writing in for the first time to express their disgust, with many sharing very personal details of the sacrifices they have made to abide by the law.
Mr Williams has not yet received a single email defending the actions of Mr Cummings and Mr Johnson.
Hywel Williams MP said,
'It's now a week since Mr Cummings' feigned attempt to justify his complete disregard of the law and there remains palpable anger amongst the public, and rightly so.'
'I continue to receive very many emails from local people repelled by the hypocrisy of the Prime Minister and his so-called special advisor, particularly as I know of local cases of real suffering when people have followed the rules.'
'What makes this behaviour so reprehensible is the implication for every single one of us. Mr Cummings' blatant disregard of the rules, which he was a party to making, makes a mockery of the personal sacrifices that many of my constituents have made for the collective good.'
'But from my direct knowledge of the Prime Minister and his record, not least as a journalist and politician, I am not at all surprised he has chosen to bat away this public health scandal by evading scrutiny at every opportunity.' 
‘What will be disastrous for governance is the fact that so many of the Cabinet, people one would hope to be of independent mind seem to think that their function is to regurgitate Number 10's defence of the Prime Minister and his advisor verbatim.’
‘The failure to condemn Cummings’ actions is simply the latest in a line of failures by Boris Johnson in handling this crisis and judging from the objective evidence, neither Mr Johnson nor many of his friends are fit lead us out of it.’

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