Calls for clarity regarding development proposals for Parc Bryn Cegin

Plaid Cymru Member of Parliament for Arfon Hywel Williams and Assembly Member Siân Gwenllian are calling for clarity regarding the progress of developments at the empty Parc Bryn Cegin in Bangor, over a year since local campaigners successfully lobbied the Welsh Government to market part of the 90 acre site for leisure purposes. 

The Plaid Cymru MP was part of a successful campaign which persuaded the Welsh Labour Government to amend planning rights for part of the site from business to leisure, following calls by the local community in Bangor to develop the empty business park which has lain empty for over fifteen years.

The campaign was given a further boost when Liberty Properties Ltd announced proposals to develop a cinema complex, restaurant and tourism hub on the site, with the potential to create hundreds of new jobs.

Nearly a year on since this announcement and with no concrete proposals brought forward, Hywel Williams MP and Siân Gwenllian AM are now calling for clarity regarding the progress of developments.

Hywel Williams MP said,

“It’s almost a year since we read with enthusiasm that a leisure developer was interested in transforming part of the empty Parc Bryn Cegin business park into a cinema and restaurant complex after a hard fought local campaign to bring much-needed investment to the site.”

“With no firm proposals submitted and ambiguous answers from the Welsh Government, local people want assurances that progress is being made, both in relation to the leisure proposal and with the remainder of the site.”

“This development proposal would be a catalyst for future investment in the site. The Welsh Government need to come forward with a detailed plan on how exactly they propose to attract investment to the remaining sixty seven acres.”

“Both myself and Siân Gwenllian have been lobbying the Welsh Labour Govt about this lack of progress to ascertain what support they’re providing to those expressing an interest in the site and what further steps they’re taking to bring much-needed investment to the area.”

Siân Gwenllian AM said,

“In December 2015, it seemed there was some good news. It was announced that Liberty Properties Developments Ltd had been selected to create a family leisure scheme at the entrance to Parc Bryn Cegin.”

“But so far, we have seen no plans and I have written to Liberty Properties requesting an update. Gwynedd Council has confirmed that to date, no planning application has been received.”

“I recently met with local campaigners who are also trying to find out what is happening. They are as frustrated as I am with lack of progress after they had gathered a 4,000 strong petition calling for a leisure development.”

“I will continue to push for clarity on this issue and intend to pursue the matter vigorously.”

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