Free gas installation for new cafe in Peblig, Caernarfon


A social enterprise on the Ysgubor Goch estate, Caernarfon, is a step closer to being able to open after a generous donation of gas installation by Wales and West Utilities. This week representatives from the company came to meet the café’s manager Kenny Khan and local AM Sian Gwenllian.

“I’m very grateful for the contribution made by Wales and West Utilities,” said Sian Gwenllian. “The new café will meet the needs of those who need good food at a reasonable price in the Peblig area of Caernarfon, but it will hopefully draw custom from all over the town too. This is a very worthwhile community project that deserves the support of all of us.”

The café is the latest brain child of Plaid Cymru Town Councillor Kenny Khan whose commitment to good food at reasonable prices goes back six years to when the Cegin Cofi food van was first launched on the estate. Since then Kenny Khan has introduced the Fareshare scheme to Peblig, where surplus food from Tesco Caernarfon is distributed for free to those in need from Ty Peblig.

Kenny Khan now wants to open a café offering good food for sale at a reasonable price. Some grants have come in but the café is dependent too on donations by local companies. The latest donation to be offered is the free installation of a gas supply by Wales and West Utilities. Mark Oliver, Wales and West Utilities Director of Business and Services said:

“We’re committed to supporting those who need it most – and this restaurant will not only allow people to get a quality hot meal at a reasonable price but it will also help develop local young people’s skills.

We’re delighted to have been able to bring this important facility to life, and hope the community benefit directly from it.”

Kenny Khan will be at the cooker when the café opens, and he too is very pleased to have received such a helpful donation.

“This work on the gas supply has given us a real boost and we are making good progress with the fit-out of the facility. I know from speaking to people on the estate that there is a real appetite for the restaurant – from a customer and trainee point of view – and we are delighted to be one step closer to opening.”

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