MS praises local vaccination efforts whilst seeking answers to specific concerns.

Siân Gwenllian MS has praised local vaccination efforts in Arfon despite some problems.   

As well as praising the local vaccination efforts, Siân Gwenllian pressed the First Minister for an update on the local vaccination programme in her constituency of Arfon.    


During First Ministers’ Questions in the virtual Senedd this week, First Minister, Mark Drakeford MS responded noting that “within Arfon, all primary care practices are ready to deliver the vaccine” and that Bangor “has one of the three mass vaccinations centres in north Wales.”   


Siân Gwenllian praised the success of the local vaccination efforts.  


“On the whole they have been extremely successful despite a whole host of bureaucratic barriers (and snow) but I am following up on some specific problems which have been brought to my attention.  


The local MS has said;   


“The vaccination efforts in local surgeries and in Canolfan Brailsford, Bangor are well-organized and effective.    


“It is now of the upmost importance that people remain patient, and wait their turn to be called for a vaccination.    


“Also, it’s vital to stress that a second vaccination must be administered before patients are safe.    


“I also understand that some problems have occurred in parts of the constituency, including Dyffryn Nantlle, due to staff having to self-isolate because of Covid outbreaks. I am also aware of problems with the post in Caernarfon which has meant that some appointment letters may have been delayed.   


“I’d like to assure constituents that my colleague Hywel Williams MP and I are raising these concerns with the Royal Mail and with Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board.”  


Siân Gwenllian, Arfon’s representative in the Senedd, went on to raise concerns about logistical discrepancies, referring specifically to problems surrounding IT issues.    


The MS addressed the First Minister Mark Drakeford;    


“The ICT systems at the various levels don't communicate with each other, and this is creating confusion.    


“For example, GPs can't see which of their patients have had a vaccination appointment at one of the mass vaccination centres, and that could mean that some people receive two appointments and that a valuable vaccination is wasted.   


“That’s just one example. Can you actually try and find a swift resolution to these IT problems? They've come to my attention in Arfon, but it's likely that they are common across Wales.”    


The First Minister responded claiming    


“Things are happening so quickly and the NHS Wales Informatics Service is trying to resolve these problems that have arisen.    


We're aware of the problems, and people are working very hard to resolve them.”    


Siân Gwenllian concluded by reiterating her praise of “heroic local efforts under extremely difficult circumstances.”   


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