MS celebrates football as part of area’s “social fabric”

Along with the local MP she sponsored the recent Caernarfon v Newtown game

Siân Gwenllian MS represents the Arfon constituency in the Senedd, and on the occasion of Caernarfon’s game vesus Newtown, she has discussed the importance of football to her constituency.


Along with her colleague in Westminster, Hywel Williams MP, she sponsored the game held at the Oval in Caernarfon.


She said:


“It was a pleasure to sponsor Caernarfon’s game against Newtown recently, alongside Hywel Williams MP.


“Covid lockdowns has meant a difficult few years for football fans.


“Not only is the social aspect central to football, but the presence of players on the grounds is important for the players as well.


“Not to mention the financial burden of losing admittance income.


“Football is an important part of this area’s social and cultural fabric, it’s also a crucial part of the Welsh language’s survival in these parts.


“In towns and villages, football is played at a grassroots level in Welsh. It’s important for physical and mental wellbeing, but also for creating viable communities where there is activity and reasons for young people to stay.


“I’d like to thank Caernarfon Town FC for the invitation to sponsor the game.”

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