Welsh Labour government chasing votes at expense of patient safety.


Public blindsided by Betsi intransigence on vascular care says local AM.

Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for Arfon Siân Gwenllian has accused the Welsh Labour Government of putting party interests before public safety following the First Minister’s refusal to initiate a new public consultation on the removal of emergency vascular services from Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor.  

Raising the issue at First Minister’s Questions Siân Gwenllian AM said considering recent developments it was now incumbent on the First Minister to ‘directly intervene’ and instruct BCUHB to carry out an urgent and transparent consultation with the public on the safety implications for patients in north west Wales directly affected by the reforms.


Siân Gwenllian’s intervention follows the resignation of a BCUHB Board Member who warned that lives could be lost if the reforms are implemented.


Siân Gwenllian AM said,

‘Whilst the First Minister was at Buckingham Palace, the Senedd heard that the health board had misled the public on the issue of downgrading the vascular service in Bangor.’


‘Since then, a prominent member of the health board has resigned in protest – a very grave step – and yet the Welsh Labour Government STILL doesn’t intend to intervene.’


‘Isn’t the truth of the matter that it’s the political agenda of the Labour party that is responsible for favouring a hospital that is in a marginal seat, at the expense of services to patients across north Wales.’


‘The Health Board has so far chosen to discount calls for an impact assessment into the effects of removing emergency vascular care from Ysbyty Gwynedd on patients living in the farthest corners of north west Wales.’


‘Consequently, far reaching reforms are being pushed through the back door with minimal public scrutiny and little or no transparency at the expense of patient care and ultimately, their safety.’   

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