Increased funding for Bangor flood prevention will save hundreds of homes, MS says

The announcement has been made as part of the Welsh Government's Flood Risk Management Programme

The announcement of increased funding was made by the Welsh Government as part of their Co-operation Agreement with Plaid Cymru.


Within the Risk Management Programme for Flooding and Coastal Erosion 2023 to 2024 announced recently, £342,087 has been allocated to Hirael’s Flood Protection Scheme.


As well as the funding for the region of Bangor which has been hit by floods for over a century, a £1,554,197 investment has been announced to Gwynedd more widely.


Siân Gwenllian is Bangor’s representative in the Senedd as well as being Plaid Cymru’s Lead designated member in their Co-operation Agreement with the Welsh Government, which means she has been part of negotiations leading up to this announcement:


“Too often it is ordinary people who have paid the price for climate change, and it’s imperative that we alleviate its effects on people’s lives.


“That’s why I’m very proud that as a result of the Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru’s Co-operation Agreement, £214m investment in flood protection has been announced across Wales.


“Hirael has historically been hit by flooding. Even though work has been done in the past to mitigate the effects of the overflowing of Afon Adda, the next years will be characterized by rising sea levels and its impact on coastal communities.


“It’s a government’s responsibility to protects its citizens from the effects of climate change and flooding, and I’m glad that 4 other projects have been granted investment within my constituency, in Y Groeslon, Dyffryn Gwyrfai, Dyfryn Ogwen and in Waunfawr.


“Once work is completed, 198 homes in Hirael alone will benefit from increased flood prevention.


“This investment is another example of tangible, meaningful and long-term change that has been secured through Plaid Cymru’s constructive cooperation with the Welsh Government since 2021.


“Back in 2019, following a public consultation in Hirael, I called for long-term solutions to ensure that our local communities are protected from threats posed by climate change.


“This shows what Plaid Cymru can do when it has a seat at the decision-making table.”

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