Hywel Williams

Member of Parliament for Arfon



Thank you for visiting my website.

I was elected as Plaid Cymru MP for the Arfon constituency in 2015 & 2010, and before that I was MP for the Caernarfon seat from June 2001 onwards.

It is a huge honour to be able to represent my own home area in the House of Commons and to work on important issues on behalf of local people.

On this website, you can access information on the surgeries I hold throughout the constituency, information about my work locally, records of my parliamentary contributions, my latest press releases and my latest newspaper columns and campaigns.

If you would like to discuss any issue with me, you are welcome to make an appointment to come and see me in one of my weekly surgeries or write to me by letter or email. Details on how to get in touch are on this website.



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