Grant frontline Covid-19 workers UK citizenship.

Plaid MP urges Home Secretary to recognise scale of sacrifice made by key workers. 

Plaid Cymru Member of Parliament for Arfon Hywel Williams has called on the UK government to recognise the sacrifice of non-British workers fighting Coronavirus by granting them British citizenship.  
The Plaid Cymru MP who’s constituency includes the local district hospital Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor, said that services like the NHS simply could not function without the contribution of healthcare staff from many different countries. 
Following calls from local health care workers, Mr Williams has written to the Home Secretary Priti Patel urging her to grant immediate British citizenship to all key workers who have made an application.   
Around 25 per cent of UK hospital staff were born overseas according to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
Mr Williams noted that the British Government previously granted the Gurkhas British citizenship for their contribution to defending the UK.
Hywel Williams MP said,
'Our local NHS and support services simply could not function without the immense contribution and sacrifice of health care staff from many different countries.'
'Yet they are fighting on two fronts; first against the virus itself and secondly against a callous immigration system which threatens their right to remain in a country which they are serving so bravely.' 
'The UK government must recognise the risks and lifesaving contribution health care staff and other frontline workers from other countries are making.'
'Like all other frontline staff they are working under conditions of great stress and difficulty. Some, sadly, have already made the ultimate sacrifice for their dedication in caring for our citizens.'
'The UK government has already committed to giving non-British nationals working in the NHS leave to remain for one year. But this does not go far enough. Are they saying that once this pandemic is over, the services of these dedicated workers will no longer be needed?'
'Thousands of non-British key workers are currently working on the frontline in the fight against this deadly virus, with many supporting the heroic efforts of NHS Wales staff at Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor in my own constituency.'
'The very least they deserve is the reassurance that the life they have built for themselves and their families in the UK will be safeguarded, and above all else, that their sacrifice is truly valued.'

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