Arfon AM wins supporting people funding battle


Arfon AM Sian Gwenllian is very pleased that Plaid Cymru budget talks with Welsh Government has meant that the Supporting People programme will not face any cuts for two years.

There were concerns that funding previously allocated for Supporting People may be spent elsewhere, and Plaid Cymru lobbied hard to protect the funds so that valuable services are not disrupted or cut.
“The Supporting People programme helps 60,000 of some of the most vulnerable people in our Society,” said Sian Gwenllian, “and having witnessed the success of some of the services funded by the programme in my constituency, I was determined to fight for the future of the funding.”
GISDA homelessnes charity is one beneficiary of the funding and they would not be able to offer the curent wide range of services if their funds were cut. The work done by organisations such as GISDA offer early intervention and regular support to vulnerable adults and young people meaning that there is less need for emergency and more intensive support later on.
Said Sian Gwenllian: “Research shows that every £1 that is invested through the Supporting People programme is worth £2.30 to other Services in a reduction of calls for medical services and avoiding the need for long-term residential care. The risk of homelessnes is also reduced of course.”
A statement from Gisda states, “We are pleased with the announcement that there will be no cuts made to the Supporting People budget over the next two years. We would like to thank our local representatives Sian Gwenllian AM, Hywel Williams MP and Liz Saville Roberts MP for their continued support to highlight the impact of supporting people projects on everyday lives in Gwynedd and beyond.”

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