I hold weekly surgeries in the constituency so that I can discuss the many varied problems my constituents face, such as benefits or pensions, law and order or any other issue affected by government policies.

I treat each case with complete confidentiality, from general political matters to sensitive and personal problems. I employ a senior caseworker and an assistant caseworker, who both help me deliver a very high standard of service to my constituents.

To make an appointment at one of my surgeries, you’re welcome to telephone my Secretary Diane Griffiths on 01286 672 076 or 01248 372 948.

Issues I can help with include -

Benefits | Pensions | Tax Credits | Law & Order | Armed Forces | Immigration | Child Support


If you are unable to attend Hywel's Surgery in person, live in the constituency and need Hywel's help or advice, please contact Hywel via email: [email protected]

Please give your postal address with your issue as Hywel can only take up cases from constituents within Arfon. 


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