Calls for more support for those suffering with endometriosis

Siân Gwenllian has backed Kate Laska’s call, who suffers from the condition 

Siân Gwenllian MS, the Member of the Senedd for the Arfon constituency has called for more support for those suffering with endometriosis 


Endometriosis is a condition affecting the female reproductive system.* 


The MS for Arfon has backed the call of one of her constituents, Kate Laska of Rhiwlas, for more support to be given to for those suffering with endometriosis. According to the MS the support available to women in North Wales is "inadequate." 


“The support available is generally inadequate, but the lack of specialist services in North Wales is scandalous, with most patients having to travel across the border, for example to Liverpool Women's Hospital. 


“Owing to that fact, the problems that arise are numerous; delays in treatment, traveling distance, and lack of services through the medium of Welsh, to name but a few. 


“There’s the financial burden too, of course. Those suffering often struggle with claiming welfare benefits, and many of those who work face problems with their employers if they are off work because of their illness. 


“Lack of awareness of the condition in the Department for Work and Pensions means that sometimes women fail to meet the health criteria. 


“Following the horrific murder of David Amess MP last week, we have an opportunity to reflect on an issue that was very important to him. 


"He was a passionate campaigner for supporting those with endometriosis, and in 2018 he set up a cross-party group of MPs to raise awareness and improve the care that is available." 


Kate Laska from the village of Rhiwlas in Siân Gwenllian's constituency suffers from endometriosis, has just had surgery at Liverpool Women's Hospital and is recovering at home. 


Kate has spoken openly about her struggle with the condition: 


“Imagine that for years you live in a lot of physical pain. You try to get help but you are told that the pain you are feeling is ‘normal’. 


“In the meantime you loose your job, your income and your partner… after changing the doctor 7 years ago I finally had my diagnosis 


“I had no idea that for the next 7 years I would spend fighting for my right to treatment. 


“Due to very often suboptimal care and a lack of awareness amongst the healthcare workers as well as society (including myself), endometriosis in my case progressed to stage 4 and required numerous complex surgeries. 


“Now imagine, you do not find much support around you in times when you mostly need it… because there is a belief in society that women is destined to experience pain. 


“Women with endometriosis suffer in silence and very often alone because no one around them can imagine their pain 


“There is only one specialist clinic in Cardiff where women like myself can hope for a relief. However this clinic is currently overwhelmed with patients 


“Time is crucial with this chronic condition! Women’s health is important for the future of this planet! This is why there is an urgent need for a local service based in north Wales.” 

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