Siân Gwenllian AM supports ‘live fear free'

Friday the 25th of November is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and to mark the date, Arfon’s Assembly member Siân Gwenllian visited a centre that runs a national help line, Live Fear Free, located in the Arfon constituency.

The Assembly Member said, ‘the helpline is an excellent service for anyone wanting to discuss domestic abuse, sexual abuse or violence against women. The centre is in Arfon, however it is not appropriate to reveal the exact location. The staff receive calls from all over Wales and have the skills and experience to deal with these difficult calls in a confidential and sensitive manner’.

The staff provide a bilingual service, and the centre exemplifies how an all-Wales service can be provided outside Cardiff and the south east. Recently, Live Fear Free, was awarded a top accolade at a ceremony honouring helplines in London.

96% of the calls received are from women and the centre deals with around 28,5000 calls every year – which are in addition to calls to support agencies. The centre works in partnership with public services, the police and a network of refuges across the United Kingdom.

It is not necessary for anyone to provide their names when they phone. The telephone number is 0808 8010 800.

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