Bangor University job cuts - Arfon MP and MS respond

Responding to news of around two hundred job cuts at Bangor University, local MP Hywel Williams and MS Sian Gwenllianhave issued a statement:  
Siân Gwenllian MS said,  
‘This is a huge blow to the area, and anxious times lie ahead for staff and their families. I hope the University can take advantage of the Covid support schemes that are available and that as many jobs as possible can be protected.’  
‘Bangor University is a large important employer and is vital in improving the local economy through research and providing vital skills for the workforce needed for the future. All possible steps must be taken to protect the jobs.’ 
Hywel Williams MP said, 
'This is a severe blow and devastating news for those who face losing their jobs. I hope it is possible to mitigate the impact on staff through voluntary redundancies, although I fear the scope for this is very limited given previous cutbacks.'    
‘These are incredibly challenging times for everyone, and universities have been exposed to the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic across a number of fronts, including the loss of international tuition fee income.’  
‘I fear the situation has not been helped by the chaos surrounding this year’s A level results in England, which may have resulted in some students diverting to other universities.’  
‘I extend my full support to all those affected by this news.’   

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