Bangor Plaid City Councillors release joint statement on local lockdown.

Bangor’s Plaid Cymru City Counillors, who represent 5 out of the 8 city wards of Bangor, and the adjoining ward of Pentir which includes Penrhosgarnedd, have released a joint statement about the boundaries of Bangor’s ‘Protective Health Zone’.

The councillors said: “As Bangor councillors we have received many enquiries from constituents about the current boundary of the local lockdown area and share the concerns which have been expressed about the way the city has been divided

“The area in lockdown from 6pm this evening (10 October 2020) represents the Bangor City Council area, i.e. the city’s eight electoral wards, but excludes the Pentir ward which includes the very populous Penrhosgarnedd area which is to all other purposes part of Bangor, as is nearby Treborth.

“This creates all kinds of unnecessary complexities in terms of shopping (the Caernarfon Road retail park is within the lockdown area), accessing vital services and green spaces which are essential for wellbeing, and so on. In some areas, it means that people on one side of the road are in lockdown whilst their neighbours from across the road are not. The situation is already creating a great deal of confusion.

“We were not part of the decision to divide Bangor in this manner and find the logic questionable. The Welsh Government decide which areas go into lockdown, and as Bangor Councillors we were not consulted about the boundary. We have asked the Council to raise this matter with the Welsh Government.

“We understand that this is a troubling and testing time for many, and we want to thank the Bangor community for following the national and local guidelines and for keeping each other and the community safe.”

You will find more information on the Gwynedd Council and Welsh Government websites:


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