Arfon MS will ensure local those views are heard. Disappointment about closure of a Bangor GP surgery .

Arfon MS Siân Gwenllian is disappointed to hear that Glanfa GP surgery in the Hirael area of Bangor is to close in October. She is inviting constituents to contact her with their concerns about the announcement so she can convey them to the Health Board. 
Last night she was informed by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board that the GP partners at Glanfa Surgery, Bangor will be terminating their GMS Contract on 31st October 2020.   
She was told that the Health Board has a plan in place to manage the dispersal of their patients to other local practices and that a letter was being sent by the Health Board to all patients who are registered with Glanfa Surgery. 
“This is diasppointing news and already I am hearing that this will cause difficulties for Bangor residents espeically in the Hirael and Maesgeirchen areas of the city and especially for the older residents in those communities. I will be working with the local councillors and residents to ensure those views are heard.” 

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