Arfon MP calls on cabinet office to stop confusion of public health adverts.

In Wales, the message remains Stay at Home says MP. 

Plaid Cymru MP for Arfon Hywel Williams has written to the Cabinet Office Minister, Michael Gove MP calling on him to ensure that the UK Government does not advertise their ‘stay alert’ message in Wales.
Following expert public health advice, the message in Wales continues to be ‘stay home’. There are also differences in policy, including stricter restrictions in Wales on travelling to exercise.
In the letter Mr Williams notes that a number of UK Ministers when making announcements, including the Prime Minister, have failed to be clear on their territorial extent. The Plaid MP that this has created “confusion” which “could threaten public health in Wales”.
In the letter Hywel Williams MP writes, 
'During this unprecedented crisis, achieving clarity of message is paramount. This will save lives.'
'However, following the UK Prime Minister’s statement on Sunday (10 May), different guidance and messaging now exists for England.'
'During the last few weeks, there have been several disappointing examples of UK Government Ministers making policy announcements without making their territorial extent clear.' 
'I merely note that my colleagues and I have made representations to ministers, including the Secretary of State for Wales, asking them to make clear to the Prime Minister that he was speaking in large part about England only measures.'
'All this has caused distress and confusion for many individuals and businesses in Wales, as evidenced by the vast number of emails I and colleagues have received asking for clarification about what applies to England and what to Wales.'
'I am concerned that any confusion created by the UK government’s lack of clarity between lockdown measures operational in Wales and those announced in England could threaten public health in Wales.'
'Our progress in lowering community transmissions cannot be allowed to be undermined or reversed by mixed messaging.'
'As Nicola Sturgeon has already requested for Scotland, I also ask that the UK Government refrain from deploying your 'stay alert' advertising campaign in Wales.'

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