Arfon AM calls for permanent rate relief for local hydro schemes.

Show you're serious about tackling climate crisis by scrapping hydro taxes says AM. 

Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for Arfon Siân Gwenllian has called on the Welsh Labour Government to provide permanent rate relief for community hydro schemes, as she sought assurances that hydro projects in her constituency would continue to benefit from 100% rate relief for 2020-21.


Following sustained pressure from Plaid Cymru in the Welsh Assembly, community hydro schemes such as Ynni Ogwen and Ynni Anafon in Arfon were protected from steep increases in their rates of up to 900% for 2019-20.


Now the local Assembly Member has called on the Environment Minister Lesley Griffiths to permanently scrap taxes on community hydro schemes.


Siân Gwenllian AM said,


‘The Welsh Government has rightly declared a climate emergency and indicated a desire to act in this area. But my constituents and indeed the people of Wales demand proof that those aren’t just empty words.’ 


‘Through sustained pressure, Plaid Cymru convinced the Welsh Government to continue to provide rate relief for community hydro schemes until March 2020, but what happens after that remains unclear.’  


‘I therefore urge the Welsh Government as part of its long-term commitment to tackle climate change, to commit to permanently scrapping taxes on community hydro schemes.’


‘This would abate concerns within the industry and provide community energy schemes with the certainty they need to re-invest their profits within their communities.’


‘If we are to build a green nation then community hydro schemes must be a fundamental part of that. However, small community run schemes require long-term certainty.’


‘The Welsh Government must provide long-term certainty for the sector so that our communities can continue to benefit from this type of green, sustainable investment for many years to come.’

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