Arfon AM welcomes local investment but voices concerns over decision delay


Arfon AM Siân Gwenllian has welcomed the Welsh Government’s announcement of £3.7M investment in 13 projects in Wales, including 2 in Arfon, aimed at improving community facilities. But she has raised serious concerns at the length of time the two projects have had to wait for news on their applications and says that there are lessons to be learnt.

“I am extremely pleased that two projects in my constituency of Arfon will be receiving much-deserved funds enabling them to move forward with their plans,” said Siân Gwenllian. “Many congratulations to Gisda, a social enterprise in Caernarfon providing support and opportunities to young vulnerable people, on their grant of £370,000. This will enable them to buy the building which has been their base for three years which will offer long term security to the project and the opportunity to develop further. The application was submitted nearly 12 months ago and waiting for news has caused unnecessary delays and uncertainty.

“I am very pleased that the Fron Development Group also received news of a £195,000 grant enabling them to transform the former Ysgol Bronyfoel into Canolfan Fron and a bunkhouse, breathing new life and opportunities into the area. The bid for this development went in to the Welsh Government 14 months ago. In difficult times such as these it is imperative that local people who are proposing important community projects like these receive as much communication as possible from those making the decisions, as our communities are increasingly desperate for investment and do not have the luxury of time on their sides. I hope Welsh Government will learn lessons from the process and avoid long delays in future.”

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