"This is a victory for the young people of Wales" says Plaid Cymru.

“This is a victory for the young people of Wales” says Plaid Cymru as Welsh Government announce MAJOR u-turn into A Level and GCSE grades debacle.

Responding to the major u-turn from Welsh Government that all A Level and GCSE grades will be based on teacher assessments rather than on algorithms, Plaid Cymru Shadow Education Minister Sian Gwenllian MS said,
“This is a very welcome if not a seriously overdue announcement.
“Pressure from Plaid Cymru, students, teachers and parents will now mean that our young people will have the grades they should have been awarded all along. The real victory belongs to the young people of Wales who have demonstrated better leadership and decorum than their government.
“Whilst it is regretful that this U-turn have come last week instead of putting students through so much unnecessary uncertainty and anxiety, I offer my congratulations to the young people who have led this campaign so ably.
“There should be a full investigation into this debacle and the Welsh Government should apologise to students, teachers and schools for what they’ve put them through over the past few weeks.
“Never again should the professionalism and integrity of our teachers and the hard work of our students be called into question. For today, let us celebrate that justice has prevailed.

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