“Swift action needed” to address local anxiety and to help local tourism MS says

Siân Gwenllian has written to council chief to express concerns about the situation in Llanberis

Siân Gwenllian, the Member of the Senedd for Arfon which includes the Eryri village of Llanberis has written to Dafydd Gibbard to express her concerns.


The MS claims that “swift action” is needed to alleviate local anxieties and “to help the local tourism industry.”


The MS’ comments are made in light of local upset following an increase in littering, parking problems, and tensions arising due to a large influx of visitors to the area.


In her letter to Dafydd Gibbard, Gwynedd Council’s new Chief Executive the Member of the Senedd said;


“I am aware of the problems being caused in Llanberis by the increased population as a result of a large influx of visitors to the area.


“Similar problems were experienced last year and again this summer, brisk action is needed in order to quell local anxieties.


“Swift action is also needed to help the local tourism industry.

“Visitors will not return to the area if there is rubbish everywhere, parking problems and tensions arising due to the situation.


“The Community Council has written to you with useful and sensible suggestions and I implore you to bring all the partners together in order to implement a plan in Llanberis and the area that will be of benefit to the local population and the tourism industry. 


“I am confident that you will be able to act urgently in order to solve the problems that are affecting everyone, local residents and tourists alike.

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