'Give start date of High Street work to alleviate business worries'

Local politicians have asked firm for the proposed date for beginning the work on 164 and 166 High Street, Bangor, following a fire in December of last year.   

The local Member of the Senedd and Member of Parliament, along with the current mayor of Bangor have echoed locals’ concerns that the delay only adds to concern for local businesses.  
Siân Gwenllian, who represents the area in the Senedd spoke recently; 
‘We have received confirmation that work will start soon. 
We welcome that announcement, of course, and are keen to see rapid progress, not least because so many businesses are facing difficulties due to the Covid-19 firebreak lockdown. 
Therefore, we would like to know the proposed start date as this would provide some certainty for Bangor business owners who are facing a huge reduction in customer numbers and a serious loss of income.’ 
The work consists of demolishing 164 and 166 on the High Street in Bangor, worked that is being carried out by Evans Wolfenden Partnership (EWP). The decision was made to demolish the buildings due to the extent of the damage and the stability of the buildings following the fire in December last year. 
It is understood that, because the buildings in question are surrounded by other buildings, a mobile crane is required to ensure that the building can be safely demolished.  
A scaffolding has been erected on the surface of the buildings to protect the public who use the street, but due to the narrowness of the road, the scaffolding extends out to the street and as a result, a part of the High Street is closed. 
The company responsible for the demolition work claim that stabilisers are needed to support the 200 tonne crane because of ‘underground utility services, of various ages and conditions, together with property basements and a history of poor ground conditions.’ 
 Siân Gwenllian MS added; 
“The company has emphasised that Public Safety is driving every decision they take, and I appreciate and respect that.  
However, we are in amidst of an extremely difficult period for businesses, and they need assurance and stability.” 
Siân Gwenllian’s counterpart in Westminster, Hywel Williams MP said,   
‘Local traders work extremely hard to keep their stores going under normal circumstances. Covid-19 has put extra pressure on retailers which they can ill-afford at this time.’  
‘We've been calling for a firm timetable for work to begin on demolishing the affected building so that preparations can be made to reopen the high street as soon as is practically possible.’  
‘Progress on remedying the situation has stalled. Bangor traders deserve some certainty and an indication that things are progressing.’  
The current mayor of Bangor, John Wyn Williams, has echoed the concerns, citing that; 
‘It’s about time. Local businesses have been patient, extremely so. The least they deserve is assurance. 
Evidently I welcome the announcement that work will start soon, and I hope that this promise to the people of Bangor will be upheld!’ 

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