Petition: Bangor Medical School

Petition: Bangor Medical School

Arfon's Assembly Member, Siân Gwenllian, is campaigning for a Medical School for Bangor.

A Bangor Medical School would lead to an improvement in the quality of medical care for the people of our country as part of a pan-Wales approach to training new doctors.

North Wales does not have a Medical School at present. The only two in Wales are based in close proximity to each other in south Wales, leaving a huge part of the country without full medical training.

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Marian Jones
Valerie Ellis
Phillip Ford
Rebecca Williams
Trystan Dafydd
Carwyn Dafydd
Carol MacFadyen
Martin Williams
Rhodri Jones
Lois Larsen
Marred Glynn Jones
Ffraid Gwenllian
Anna Huws
Mererid Williams
Sian Gwenllian
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  • Marian Jones
    signed 2016-11-15 17:22:11 +0000
  • Valerie Ellis
    signed 2016-11-15 14:03:00 +0000
  • Phillip Ford
    signed 2016-11-15 10:49:08 +0000
    Establishing a medical school in Bangor would be a positive step forward in medical care in North Wales. Also it would create more employment for this area.
  • Rebecca Williams
    signed 2016-11-15 10:10:06 +0000
  • Trystan Dafydd
    signed 2016-11-15 10:09:02 +0000
  • Carwyn Dafydd
    signed 2016-11-15 09:47:26 +0000
  • Carol MacFadyen
    signed 2016-11-14 22:10:11 +0000
  • Martin Williams
    signed 2016-11-14 21:52:29 +0000
  • Rhodri Jones
    signed 2016-11-14 21:43:24 +0000
  • Lois Larsen
    signed 2016-11-14 21:34:13 +0000
  • Marred Glynn Jones
    signed 2016-11-14 21:19:26 +0000
  • Ffraid Gwenllian
    signed 2016-11-14 21:06:21 +0000
  • Anna Huws
    signed 2016-11-14 21:03:08 +0000
  • Mererid Williams
    signed 2016-11-14 19:35:02 +0000
  • Sian Gwenllian
    signed 2016-11-14 11:46:52 +0000
    Thank you for supporting our campaign.

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